Always Carry Your Camera


March 1, 2012 by Steve DuPree

Heading to my regular day job the other morning, I witness a stunning sunrise. Pinks,purples,oranges and reds like they came straight out of a crayola box. My mind was racing to where I might quickly get to to capture some of this color. Then it hit me that my camera was at home. Not doing me much good there.

Now I always have my IPhone with me and love to take pictures with it, but it was not going to get the job done for what I was looking for this morning.

The next morning I have time time hit the beach before work and see what the sunrise is going to give me. Well of course it is a lot more cloudy and the sun just was not putting off the colors as the day before. I was going to shoot something whether it was good or not. As I was walking back to the car, I turned back and the sun was shooting a little bit of orange rays into the the ocean. Not as spectacular as the other day but it was something.

So in closing make sure to carry that camera with you. You do not want to be left with nothing but memories of a scene to relive the moment.


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